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The Southern Kingdoms are on the southern edge of the kingdom of Dalamar. Dalamar’s capitol is Silverdel, and the king is named Roden the Sixth. It has long been a peaceful kingdom.

One of the factors contributing to its peace is the religious reformation now known as the Unification Church

The Southern Kingdoms

Some 300 years ago, all contact with the area now known as the Southern Kingdoms was cut off. New tree growth apparently advanced impossibly fast, stopping at a straight line just south of Iron Fort. Nobody knows what caused the growth, or why it stopped where it did. After that, nothing came out of the Southern Kingdoms. People could enter without any problem. Being adventures, not all came back, but there seemed to be no barrier that stopped people from leaving. It’s just that no one already in the Southern Kingdoms area when contact was lost ever left.

The Southern Kingdoms are sometimes called the Five Kingdoms. This is from tales told of five kingdoms, each ruled by a king of a different race: human, dwarf, elf, halfling, and gnome. It was supposedly a golden age of cooperation between the races, but it did not last long. Today the area is forest as far as the eye can see, but mountains are visible to the southeast.

At the northern edge of the Southern Kingdoms is the town of Iron Fort. This is the home base from which adventures explore to the south. Iron Fort used to be the northernmost outpost of a former kingdom in the Southern Kingdoms. Now it is the southernmost town of Dalamar.

The Star River flows past Iron Fort on its west side and goes into the Southern Kingdoms. One of the few things still known about the Southern Kingdoms is that the Star River forks somewhere in the forest. At that fork is an edifice known as the Lost City. Why is it called the ‘Lost City’ if everyone knows where it is? That’s a good question that nobody knows the answer to. The only other information is rumors of other sites that are supposed to be around, but no one knows where they are. These include the Tower of Mysteries and an empty dwarven stronghold.

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All rule changes are taken from Trailblazer, copyright 2009, Benjamin R. Durbin, published by Bad Axe Games, LLC.
All notes concerning the Unification Church are adapted from material created by Fantasy Flight Games for their Dragonstar line of 3.0 books, copyright 2002, Fantasy Flight Inc.

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