Tag: NPC


  • Sabine

    Sabine is the gatekeeper for [[Iron Fort]]. She determines whether or not visitors are allowed in. While she has a gruff demeanor, she usually lets people in, unless they are recognized criminals or known unfriendlies. She sums up the rules of Iron Fort …

  • Drogen

    Drogen works the evening shift at [[The One-Eyed Cat]]. A stout man, but not overly so, he is approaching his 60th year. He remembers many of the adventurers who have passed through [[Iron Fort]] in search of wealth and fame in the Southern Kingdoms. He …

  • Grem

    A frequent patron of [[The One-Eyed Cat]], Grem still has a razor sharp memory, despite being nearly seventy years old. He is often called upon to correct recollections of past adventurers' tales.