Iron Fort

Iron Fort is a small fortified town at the southernmost edge of Dalamar. A road leads north from it to the capital. It is a day’s journey to the crossroad that leads east and west.

Iron Fort used to be the northernmost outpost of some kingdom in the Southern Kingdoms. Ever since the closing off of the Southern Kingdoms, Iron Fort has stayed ready to repel any attack that came out of the south. No attack has ever come. In 300 years, one might wonder how vigilance can be maintained against a threat that seems non-existent. When one looks out over the southern battlements and discovers that the treeline is a mere 60ft. away, it is easier to understand how a state of readiness can be kept.

The only inn is called the Green Man, and the lone adjacent tavern is the One-Eyed Cat.

There is a single chapel, but worshipers of any of the gods are welcome there. The priest in charge is a dwarf named Aldren. Occasionally, healing potions are available for sale.

Iron Fort

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