Calendar System

When the Unification Church philosophy became popular, an new calendar system was implemented along with it. The year it was founded is called Unification Year. Dates before it are negative; dates after it are positive.

The year is 365 days long. This is divided into 12 months. Eight of the months have four weeks, the other four have five weeks, making 52 weeks. Each week is seven days, making a total of 364 days. The remaining day is the First Day of the year, celebrating the start of a new year, and is not considered a part of any month.

Each of the months are named for one of the Unification Gods. The longer months are for the neutral Gods, signifying their greater importance.

In order, the year follows this path (followed by the corresponding month in the Gregorian System):

  • First Day
  • Father (March)
  • Trickster (April)
  • Merchant (May)
  • Tyrant (June)
  • Mother (July)
  • Warrior (August)
  • Lover (September)
  • Judge (October)
  • Magus (November)
  • Destroyer (December)
  • Malefactor (January)
  • Smith (February)

Every four years, an extra day is added to the calender. This extra day is not considered a day of the week and is always a celebration day. Each occurrence of this is added to the beginning of a different month, making a twelve year calendar cycle.

Calendar System

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