The Mug of Josephus

Legendary Weapon

weapon (melee)

Requirements: To successfully use the mug of Josephus to its fullest potential, a character must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Feats: Caught Off-Guard, Throw Anything
  • Skills: Craft (alchemy) 4 ranks or Craft (brewer) 4 ranks
Weapon Level Wielder Minimum Level Abilities
1st +1 weapon, 1d6 damage, never spills

Never spills (Su): Regardless of motion by the wielder, any liquid in the mug will not spill, unless the wielder wishes it so. This includes when the mug is thrown, but doesn’t continue after the throw.


Josephus (Joe to his friends) was a brawler, a boozer and a brilliant alchemist, with a remarkably blasé attitude toward laboratory safety and cross-contamination. His metal-bound mug was his constant companion in both the laboratory and the drunk tank and at all points in between. The body of the mug was either a small cask or a large ceramic crucible – at this point it is impossible to determine if it started as wood or stone. A metal handle and lid were fitted on at some point, and have been similarly toughened by time and arcane abuse. The entirety of it has been stained and sublimely altered by years of drink, alchemy and potions. The end result is lightweight, stone-solid and nigh indestructible.

The Mug of Josephus

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