Brother Benedictus

Cleric of the Free Spirited Wanderer and Itinerant Bartender


Level 4 (Cleric 2, Alchemist 2) Alignment: CG XP: ? +

Str 12 +1
Dex 11 -
Con 12 +1
Int 14 +2
Wis 16 +3
Cha 14 +2

HP: 25
AC: 18

Base Attack Bonus: +2
Base Spell Bonus: +4

CMB: 3
CMD: 13

Saves (strong: Fortitude, Will Weak: Reflex)
Fort: 5
Refl: 1
Will: 7

Racial & Class Abilities
Wisdom increased by 2
Favored Class Cleric (bonus HP or skill point per Cleric level)
Moderate Chaotic & Good aura
Channel Positive Energy (1d6 (3) healing for living creatures in a 30’ radius, 5/day. Undead take 1d6 (3) damage instead of healing, but get a Will save DC 13 for half damage.)
Spontaneous Casting: can channel stored spell energy into “Cure” spell of the same level or lower.
Alchemy: + 1 Competence bonus to Craft Alchemy per Alchemist level, Can use Craft Alchemy to Identify potions
Bomb: 4 per rest, 20’ range, 1d6+2 (5) fire damage for direct hit, with 3 fire splash damage to creatures within 5’ of primary target (Thrown Splash Weapon)
Brew Potion: as standard feat
Mutagen: +2 natural armor and either + 4 Str / – 2 Int, + 4 Dex / – 2 Wis, or + 4 Con / – 2 Cha for 10 min.
Alchemical Discovery: Infusions (Chiurgeon’s varient) – Extracts can be used by others. May choose to render any or all infused curatives inert and prepare other extracts to replace them.

Cleric Domains:
Travel: Increase base speed by 10’, Agile Feet (Su): As a free action, you can gain increased mobility for 1 round. For the next round, you ignore all difficult terrain and do not take any penalties for moving through it. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
Liberation: Liberation (Su): You have the ability to ignore impediments to your mobility. For a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level, you can move normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement, as if you were affected by freedom of movement. This effect occurs automatically as soon as it applies. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Throw Anything: No penalty for using improvised Ranged weapons, + 1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls for thrown ‘splash’ weapons
Catch Off Guard: No penalty for using improvised Melee weapons, Unarmed opponents are flatfooted against any attacks made with an improvised melee weapon
Improved Unarmed Strike: Deity’s Favored Weapon – unarmed melee strikes do not grant an attack of opportunity and can regular damage instead of subdual damage if I so choose
Endurance: You gain a + 4 bonus on checks made to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion and environmental hazards, and may sleep in light or medium armor without becoming fatigued.
Drunken Brawler: – 2 Reflex save, + 2 Will/Fort saves, + 1 temp HP per level when drunk. Bonuses last 1 hour or until temp HP are gone. Penalty to Reflex save lasts 1 hour.

Accelerated Drinker (Combat Trait): Can drink a potion as a move action instead of a standard action if the potion is in-hand at the start of the turn
Fortified Drinker: Whenever you imbibe any alcoholic beverage you gain a + 2 trait bonus on saves vs. mind-affecting effects for 1 hour.
Magical Knack: +2 to Base Spell Bonus as an Alchemist

Skill Ranks
7 per level + 1 in Knowledge: Religion each Cleric level, 6 per level in Alchemist

0 Acrobatics
2 Appraise
2 Bluff
1 Climb
11 Craft: Alchemy (Int +2, Class +3, Rank +4, Competence +2)
2 Craft: Untrained
6 Diplomacy (Cha +2, Class +3, Rank +1)
0 Disable Device
0 Escape Artist
0 Fly
8 Heal (Wis +3, Class +3, Rank +2)
2 Intimidate
9 Knowledge: Religion (Int +2, Class +3, Rank +4)
9 Knowledge: Arcana (Int +2, Class +3, Rank +4)
3 Perception
10 Profession: Brewer (Wis +3, Class +3, Rank +4)
0 Ride
7 Sense Motive (Wis +3, Class +3, Rank +1)
0 Sleight of Hand
9 Spellcraft (Int +2, Class +3, Rank +4)
0 Stealth
8 Survival (Wis +3, Class +3, Rank +2)
1 Swim
9 Use Magic Device (Cha +2, Class +3, Rank +4)

Standard Spells:
0: Light: makes an object glow like a torch for 10 minutes
0: Create Water: creates up to 2 gallons of pure, drinkable water
0: Purify Food & Drink: decontaminates up to 1 cu. ft. of food and water
0: Guidance: +1 to one attack roll, saving throw or skill check

1: Shield (infusion): +4 bonus to AC, blocks Magic Missile
1: Moment of Greatness: double a morale bonus on one roll or check
1: Protection from Evil: +2 AC, +2 to saves vs. Evil creatures
1: Enlarge Person (infusion): Increase size by 1 step, +2 Str, -2 Dex, -1 Attack, -1 AC
1: Divine Favor: +2 Luck bonus to attack rolls and weapon damage
1d: Longstrider [Travel]: +10’ bonus to base speed for 1 hr

2: Fire Breath (Infusion): Up to 3 fire breaths inflicting 3d6, then 2d6, then 1d6 fire damage in a 15’ cone
2: False Life (Infusion): Gain 1d10 +3 temporary HP
2: Sound Burst: inflict 1d8 sonic damage in a 10’ burst. Targets must make Fort save or be stunned for 1 round
2d: Remove Paralysis [Liberation]: Free 1 target or give up to 4 targets a new Will save vs. paralysis.

Common, Dwarven, Elvish

Melee Weapons:
Morningstar: +3 to hit, 1d8 +1 (5) damage, crit 20/x2
Unarmed: +3 to hit, 1d3 +1 (3) damage, crit 20/x2
Improvised: +3 to hit, damage based on item, crit 20/x2
Mug of Josephus: +4 to hit, 1d4 +2 (5) damage, crit 20/x2, +1 magic weapon

Ranged Weapons:
Sling: +1 to hit, 1d4 +1 (3) damage, range increment 50’, crit 20/x2
Bomb: +2 to hit, 1d6 +2 (5) fire damage, 3 fire damage as splash, range increment 20’
Improvised Thrown: +2 to hit, damage based on item, crit 20/x2

Interesting Items Found
Dagger +1
Shield +1

Equipment & Gold
19g 9s 5c remain from 140g starting fund

Standard Gear: worn / carried when adventuring.
Comfy, broad-brimmed hat
Silver Holy Symbol (Medallion – wavy line above an X)
Scroll Case -
Ink Pen
2 vials of Ink
10 sheets of Parchment
Belt Pouch -
10 Sling Bullets
4 Candles
Flint & Steel
1 day’s Rations
1 filled Waterskin
Small knife (equivalent of a Tiny dagger)

Travel Pack: for short journeys, generally left at camp or hidden outside dungeon.
Backpack -
10 Sling Bullets
Lantern (Bullseye)
5 Pint flasks of Lamp Oil
4 day’s Rations
1 set of clothing (Clerical Vestments)
1 set of clothing (Work Clothes)
1 Bedroll
Blanket (Winter)


Brother Benedictus (Ben to his friends) has an air of genteel scruffiness and mild intoxication. He is tall and skinny with infrequently trimmed sun-bleached brown hair and a careless beard. Usually he wears comfortable work clothes, which make him look a bit like a down-on-his luck scribe or an overeducated tramp. It’s a rare occasion when he takes the time to tidy himself up and wear his clerical robes.

Code of the Free Spirited Wanderer

  1. Decide your own life, don’t let another person run or rule you.
  2. Don’t take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable situation.
  3. Never tolerate those who prey on the weak, they are the worst garbage to infest any society.
  4. Help your fellow travelers whenever and wherever needed, you may need their help someday.
  5. Set a good example: stay clean, don’t leave garbage around, be polite and respectful to the locals. Remember that other travelers will be judged by your actions.
  6. Travel, learn, and experience new things for as long as you are able. If you do settle down, always welcome travelers to your home.

The holy symbol of the Free Spirited Wanderer is a wavy line above an ‘X’. This is an old traveling sign indicating a safe campsite with clean water. Wanderers are often guides, explorers or messengers. While they seldom have the patience or temperament to serve as caravan guards or merchants, Wanderer clergy can be utterly merciless to any bandits or highway robbers they encounter. Conversely, they have been known to help oppressed peasants arrange for a ‘rebate’ by helping them waylay particularly rapacious tax collectors. Wanderers tend to be liked by the locals, but distrusted by the authorities.

Brother Benedictus

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