Southern Kingdoms


The Adventure Begins

The story so far…

Adventurers have begun to gather at the One-Eyed Cat in Iron Fort.

And continuing…

One overlooked new arrival was the human wizard Keller. He was eager to get started exploring the Southern Kingdoms in search of any old magic.

Naturally, Dragda drew his attention. Fungdark (the Magnificent—just ask him!), a gnome, had also arrived and was distracted distracting her attention. This made it easy for the also newly arrived Sirette, a half-elf, to sneak in and surprise her.

Introductions were made all around, including the nearby Ben. The five of them decided to set off in the morning into the Southern Kingdoms.

The next day looked to be a nice, clear day once the morning fog burned off. The party decided to travel near the Star River so as to not get lost. Entering into the forest, the party immediately noticed something odd: there were none of the normal noises of a forest. No birds chirping, no animals scurrying, only the soft sound of the river.

The party could still see the fort. An experiment by Brother Ben proved that objects could still leave the forest. Traveling on, the normal sounds of the forest started up, making everyone a little more relaxed.

That didn’t last long when they overheard the arguing of several goblins. Sirette sneaked closer and discovered the goblins were attempting some method of fishing in the river. They proved to have good hearing when Sirette tried to sneak away. The first battle had begun.

Disposing of the goblins proved to be well within the groups’ means. Following the traditional disposal of bodies by cremation, the party decided to travel on further south for another day.



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